Missing breakfast can make you fatter!

So do you think by missing that bowl of cereal and toast in the morning, that you will lose weight fast?  Think again…Research clearly shows that people whop skip breakfast are more likely to put on weight in the long run.  For many people, breakfast is an integral part of a weight loss diet. Research studies confirm that people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Not eating breakfast is often a misguided strategy for people who want to lose weight, but the human body expects to be fueled a few times during the day. When you skip breakfast most people feel so hungry later in the day that they eat more food which cancels out the calories of skipping breakfast.

Not eating anything at breakfast may seem an easy way of losing weight but it can also be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle which can have extreme ramifications, including a higher risk of premature death.

Some experts believe that breakfast kicks off a persons metabolism whereas skipping meals causes the body to go into ‘starvation’ mode. Starvation mode takes around four days of eating nothing before your metabolism starts to slow down.

According to a study, adults and teenagers who miss breakfast of the day are less likely to look after their health.  They tend to drink more alcohol, smoke more and do no exercise.

While any breakfast may be better than no breakfast, you should not eat sugary breakfast cereals, pastries, and fried food.  Breakfast should include protein and fibre; which will help fill you up until its time for your lunch.   A healthy breakfast can be satisfying and doesn’t need to take ages to make.

Research also suggests that people who miss breakfast are more likely to be struck down with colds or flu.  Scientists last year also revealed that vitamins and folic acid helped reduce levels of homocysteine, which is known to cause cardiac disease.   Vitamins and folic acid are found in most breakfast cereals.

If you happen to be male watch out. For scientists have found that men who  miss breakfast are more likely to develop diabetes.  The study discovered that a man’s chances of getting diabetes increase by more than 20 per if they don’t eat their morning meal.

The research, backs up previous evidence that beginning the day with food in your belly helps to control appetite and keep weight down. Breakfast stabilizes blood sugar levels, which regulate energy and hunger.


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