Is katherine jenkins too skinny?

So girls…hands up who wants to eat whatever they want and still lose weight?  Well it seems that Katherine Jenkins has it down to a tee.

The Welsh wonder is gorging on sweet treats and snacks in an attempt to put some weight back on.  She was quoted as saying “…in one day I eat pizza, chocolate cake, ice cream, two enormous salads along with a side of chips”

Katherine’s weight dropped after she broke up with her fiance around six months ago. She opened up about her breakup and said “This show has definitely given me a reason to laugh”

Slimline Katherine Jenkins

And the weight has continued to fall off her due to her rigorous training on Dancing With The Stars.  Katherine is now a finalist in the top rated US show, that has around 22 million loyal viewers.

Katherine has consistently impressed the judges on the show with Mark Ballas, her professional partner.

Katherine went on record as saying: “I really want to put some weight on…. I prefer being curvy and do feel like I am a little on the thin side at the moment.”

Katherine Jenkins with a fuller face

Jenkins says she’s doing everything in her power to not lose any more weight  – as she feels far more sexy when she’s less skinny.

The 31-year-old singer’s performance’s on Dancing With The Stars peaked in the last week after the judges awarded her a perfect score of 60 for her two dances in the final of the show.

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