Chocolate can help you lose weight!

Fancy some chocolate?  Maybe a Mars Bar, a Dairy Milk or even a Chomp?…Well if your worried that you will get fatter by eating chocolate we have some really good news for you…Chocolate can make you lose weight!

Yes, its true! New research suggests that people who eat chocolate on a regular basis tend to be thinner.  Scientists believe that even though chocolate is high in calories, it contains certain types of ingredients that may be beneficial for weight loss rather than fat synthesis,

The study took place in the good old U S of A, where 1,000 people took part.  The study looked at body mass index (BMI), diet and calorie intake.

One of the main findings was that the people who ate chocolate a 3 or 4 times per week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it rarely. The link remained even when other factors were taken into account such as exercise.

According to the researchers, there is practically no chance that the results could be explained by chance alone. Regular chocolate consumption was related to lower BMI, despite the fact that it boosts calorie intake.

Scientists have suggested previously that chocolate could be healthy for us. with other studies saying that chocolate can be good for the heart.

And dark chocolate, is known to contain antioxidants which clean us harmful free radicals.

But before you reach for a Walnut Whip, there are still loads of questions that need answers. And in the absence of all of the answers, experts advise caution.

So what do we do when we want to test something further???  We give it to some mice!  That’s right!… some lucky mice, right now, are chomping away on some Mars Bars.  Well…not quite.  Mice were fed for 15 days with epicatechin (present in dark chocolate).  The end result is that they had improved exercise performance.  It was also noted that there were changes to their muscle composition.

They say clinical trials are now needed in humans to see if this is the case.  Any volunteers?

While there’s no harm in the occasional chocolate bar, eating excessively isn’t advised as chocolate still contains tons of sugar and calories.


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