Can A Weight Loss Program Actually Work?

In an attempt to find a way to healthily lose a stone in a month, I searched through books, leaflets and the internet in an attempt
to find a system that was easy enough to follow yet did not make you lose weight at the expense of your health.

I came across literally hundreds of weight loss programs which all claimed to help you lose weight, but what they failed to mention was how often they failed to back up their claims through weight loss from “normal people”. I am sure I am not the only one who often meets a new weight loss program with some scepticism.

However, I found a system that promised to change your body quite considerably by allowing you to lose a stone in a month. Some
people and books claim that you can change your body using positive thinking, and they are only true to a small extent. Having a
positive mental attitude can help you stick with a structured weight loss program that will work, however just having a positive
mental attitude will not lose you weight by itself.

Something which lept out at me which I did not realize was that everytime you eat something, your brain releases hormones which
dictate how much fat burning takes place or how much of your food your body stores as fat. What you eat determines essentially how
much of each hormone your brain releases, so you want to follow a plan which will be more weighted in favour of the fat burning than
the fat storage.

What I learned was that it was not necessarily how much you ate which determined how much fat you stored, but moreso what it was you were eating which could either help you lose weight or make you fatter.


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