So many people out there are eager to lose at least a stone in a month. Since a stone is 14 Ibs according to UK market, it has become a matter, and people believe that losing a stone in a month is obviously an insane and impossible task to achieve. Although, losing a stone in a month in most cases can be a hard goal to achieve and you can waste a fortune just to find a solution to your weight loss most especially when one lacks the right kind of information and necessary precautions.

Some have invested their trust and believe to some of the diets prescribed my physicians and scientists, and at the end, we realized that these trick no longer work. In most cases, people become confused and frustrated when they have almost spent their fortune and done lots of prescribed exercises from the so called professionals, diet and yet nothing changes, and there is no any sign of weight loss.

However, the physicians and scientists have been giving us different advice on how we can achieve weight loss by cutting down on fatty foods and calories are just calories.

This is not true, and I believe many of us have been brainwashed to believe losing a stone in a month is unachievable. I would like to explain something I have learned from my experience and what I believe works. OK let’s get started.
Ever since I was small, I have heard so many time that physicians and the so called professionals telling my aunt to eat less and do more exercise. I could remember she did exactly what she was told and nothing changed. Sometimes, they tell her to eat fats that are less saturated, yet, nothing changed.

Now we live in a society where getting sick is very possible, and one of the best ways to prevent this occurrence is to eat right to have a good or balanced health. The problem we have been facing is that some of the so-called experts have been giving us wrong information which has negatively affected so many people and some of them have lost touch with what good eating habit means.

Going back to how we can lose a stone in a month, people are so much concerned on how they can lose 14 Ibs in one month.

The key to this is to have a regular method of eating. You do not need to starve yourself in the name of losing a stone in a month. We have to eat the way a human being is designed to eat. One thing is that we must do everything possible to avoid processed foods. Looking at the high rate at which cancer and obesity have risen, we would understand that they are the result of processed foods.

Can it really be that easy and achievable?

People believe one cannot surely lose weight so fast due to what the professionals have told them. The problem is that they think diets are a hard slog of small meals every time you want to eat coupled with a lot of feeling hungry. It shouldn’t be so since your body is designed to eat. I believe unprocessed food will allow your body system to start using the energy.

Another advantage of eating real food is that it would make your insulin level low meaning that your body begins to burn fat rather than storing fat in your body.

Losing a stone in a month is hard work but achievable with the correct diet. Besides, it seems hard right in mind because of the different opinion people have about that and what they have been told from one generation to another. They have forgotten early that people have been given this same advice and the results were diabetes, obesity, increased dementia and increased cancer.

In most cases, it is because people are not getting the right food the body needed and that it why the body stopped functioning well. Eating a range of different unprocessed foods will restore the body to the level we need.
Eating the right food will help sort out the common mess modern diet has caused to our body. The good thing about it is that you can lose a stone in a month.


I believe we are eager to know the secret of how to lose one stone of 14 Ibs in a month and have carefully prepared the following tips. Aside from the fact that eating a good diet most especially unprocessed ones, the following tips would be of help to lose down a stone in a month.

Therefore, here’s the “HOW” to lose one stone of 14 Ibn according to UK market with the secret diets and next generation exercises.

The following stuff is beyond what you’ve heard before about weight loss and will give you additional information regarding your diet. So let’s give it a trial, and I believe you will benefit.


1. Eat eggs: To lose one stone, then you need to start eating eggs daily. At least eat three eggs daily. You can eat as many eggs as you want whether in the morning or later in the night.

2. Eat lentils: It is good you focus your diet on high fiber food and high protein foods. A good example of such is lentils. A bag of lentils contains about 130 grams of protein and 143 grams of fibers.

3. Eat apples: as it is usually said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is high in water content and contains at least 5 grams of fibers. Ensure you eat at least 4-5 apples in a day.

4. Eat good food and unprocessed food: avoid processed foods as they may contribute to more fats and cause obesity.
Since it has been discussed earlier at the beginning of this article, it is the major target of this article as it is believed that eating good food helps to lose one stone in a month.



Try spinning

Spinning is known to be the next generation type of exercise that it will soon spread to every nook and cranny. When spinning around a circle, it helps to balance out your hormones through endocrine system. Spinning helps in balancing your hormonal system.

You have to spin around clockwise with your arms out as though you want to fly or like air-plane wings.

Try jumping on a mini-trampoline.

This is another great way to exercise your cells and your body. All you need to do is just jump on the mini-trampoline. It saves you a whole lot of time most especially if you are too busy to go for a walk out.


If you are tired of getting the same old result as usual and you want to lose one stone in a month, these are the following tips considered to be perfect for you. You really need to be committed to the exercises and other types of diets discussed in this article. Remember, you do not have to go hungry for a decade before you can lose one stone in a month. Eat unprocessed foods, eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water do exercises and jog.